CIDC provides  following services-

-Media Consultancy-  India media landscape is complex and a Public Relation agency might not be able to explain to you these complexities. It happens quite often that one finds it difficult to chose the right kind of PR agency for one’s business. May be  even after paying a substantial fees to the PR agencies you  may not be getting what you require. If you are grappling with these questions, we are here to help you.

We help you to choose the right kind of PR agencies; if you have already chosen one, we help you get real value for money by getting the maximum output from the PR agencies.

We do this by  formulating client-specific media strategies and facilitate execution of the same to ensure that you get maximum possible outreach and impact in the Indian media.  This ensures that you chose the right kind of PR agencies and ask  the right  questions every time they come to you with a PR plan.

-Documentation(English and Hindi)- This service is mainly provided for Corportae Social Responsibility Initiatives and Non=Government organisations. Our team of  specialists puts together reports and dockets which can be shared by the clients readily within the organisation as well as with the external world

-Translation- We provide real time translations for organisations of all kinds of content including press releases, brochures, news articles, content for websites, books and reports . We have  the capacity to handle more than 5,00,000 words per month.

-Editing(English and Hindi)-  Currently, this service is availed by publishers(print and online). We have the capacity to handle more than 5,00,000 words every month.

-Content Creation(English and Hindi)- Our team of professional writers write-up original content written in the style to suit needs of clients. We use modern media tools like infogfx, cartoons, comic strips etc to make the content more effective

-Spokesperson training-  People designated as official spokespersons for various organisations are trained in quick, short and effective modules to handle Q&A sessions with journalists.

-Infopacks on issues/events - Short and crisp modules which include cutting edge research on issues relevant for making business strategies is provided on real time  basis.

-Customized research on issues/events- Before taking any important decision, if you are running short of time and  hence seeking relevant research on your desktop on any particular issue, we can provide customized research in user friendly format.